Department of Cell Biology

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Prof. Dr. Michael Kiebler

Head of the Institute


The Department of Cell Biology was established in September 2012 with the recruitment of Prof. Michael Kiebler. A long-term goal of the Kieblerlab is to understand the molecular basis of synaptic plasticity. In this context, we are particularly interested in how individual synapses, the point of contact and communication between neurons are altered during their lifetime and how this contributes to our ability to learn and remember. It has recently emerged that one important underlying mechanism is dendritic RNA localisation and subsequent translational control at the synapse.


Department for Cell Biology
BioMedizinisches Centrum - BMC
LMU Muenchen, Med. Faculty
Großhaderner Straße 9
82152 Planegg-Martinsried

Further Information

Lab Manager:

Sabine Thomas
Tel.: (089) 2180 75 892
Fax:: (089) 2180 75 882